The H1B Fabrication Crisis — and what to do about it.

H1B Visas are the most common fabricated document in circulation in the IT industry along with GC-EAD and the OPT-EAD cards, yet no one speaks about it and addresses this as a pain point. The mainstream media does not talk about it. Are we not missing the elephant in the room? This is a topic which is spoken by every other IT Staffing firm and system integrator. This is a Client Partner’s nightmare! You can search every video on YouTube, and you will not find how to fabricate an H1B — is this irony or a dark web secret? I say irony because every staffing company in the United States today will have at least one interaction a day about a fabricated H1B who has misrepresented their experience. We need to think why this is not being discussed.

It’s because every OPT candidate in this country only has 1–3 years of experience. When that candidate represents his real experience, he does not get opportunities. At the same time, an OPT candidate gets an opportunity if he or she has a resume which has 5+ years of fabricated experience. This individual would get the role, however they would have to fabricate an H1B document. So, the person fabricates an H1B document to reflect 5 years of experience to match their resume. Now when the candidate gets hired, he or she is being presented to a customer citing 5 years of experience and a fabricated H1B although the actual documentation is an OPT visa.

Hiring an employee with an invalid H1B Visa can lead to revenue loss and productivity loss for the sourcing team, hiring team, and project team. It has a direct impact on the increase of the project timeline, project termination, customer loss, negative branding, and federal and state-level penalties. Not to mention, hiring someone with a fabricated visa is illegal. Typically, a recruiter would spend hours to days finding the right fit for a job opening, scheduling a pre-screening, passing the client interviews, and then the candidate would be deployed on-site. At the moment, if the candidate were to be caught with a fake H1B, you are liable to lose business, to lose your client, to lose your reputation, and the 4–6 weeks you spent sourcing would never come back. All due to a fake H1B. There have been cases where businesses have lost multi-million-dollar accounts as a result of hiring a candidate with a fabricated H1B visa. There is no product on the market today that can solve this problem.

So, what now? Well, now we have Vvalidate. Vvalidate is a platform that solves the complex problem of identifying invalid H1B Visas. It uses a multitude of logic algorithms and applied pattern recognition algorithms to identify H1B Visa fabrication. A human being would normally take 10–15 minutes to identify a fabricated H1B visa and have a 50% chance of being wrong. Vvalidate can provide results with a significantly higher accuracy level within minutes. The user doesn’t need to download any software or upgrade any hardware to use Vvalidate. The platform also provides several parameters as to why the visa is fabricated. You simply attach the visa in an email, send it to Vvalidate, wait for a few minutes — sometimes even seconds -and you’re done. You’ll receive confirmation about the legitimacy of the candidate.

The true power of Vvalidate can only be felt once you find your first fabricated visa. Large staffing firms and systems integrators have started adopting Vvalidate organization-wide. This product is being used by their suppliers and it has been revealed over the last few months, that 55% of H1B visas have been fabricated. We then conducted a case study with a large staffing firm, where 100 H1B visas were given to a senior recruiter and he was told to identify authentic visas. The individual identified 13 of them as invalid — it took the individual an entire working day to evaluate them. The same 100 were submitted to Vvalidate and the solution found 76 of them to be invalid, thus completing the task in less than 2 hours. The client has significantly increased their sourcing and delivery time, lowered the expense and risk, and increased their revenue.

You’ve heard the problem; you’ve seen the solution, and now you’ve witnessed the impact. If you still have hesitation, that’s completely understandable. It’s risky to try something new. However, I encourage you to ask your staff, if they received an H1B Visa today, can they guarantee you without a doubt if it is genuine? Fabricated visa’s are testing the strength of your organization’s integrity. Let us make you stronger. Use Vvalidate for free and see the results for yourself.

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